Do these jingles ring a bell? “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” or “He Went To Jared” - these recognizable taglines belong to Kay Jewelers and Jared, two jewelry retailers that fall under the brand of Signet Jewelers and its subsidiaries, Sterling Jewelers and Zale Corp. Signet Jewelers is the largest retailer of diamond jewelry, operating worldwide, headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Fred Olivieri Construction Company has been working with Sterling/Signet since 1987, completing hundreds of different projects of various sizes and in multiple locations throughout the United States. Although Signet Group manages 11 different brands, most of our jewelry construction has been Kay Jewelers and Jared. For many years, our sister company, MRO Built, fabricated all the custom millwork and jewelry casings used throughout the stores.

James Allen Jewelry Construction Washington DC Wall Display by Fred Olivieri

Washington, DC

James Allen

Jared Jewelry Construction Orlando FL by Fred Olivieri

Orlando, FL


Kay Jewelry Construction Waterford CT Entrance by Fred Olivieri

Waterford, CT

Kay Jewelers