Benihana / RA Sushi

Benihana opened in 1964 in Tokyo, featuring an authentic Japanese farmhouse interior and food prepared on steel teppanyaki grills right in front of customers. Highly trained teppanyaki chefs delighted customers with intricate knife work and theatrics as they prepared and cooked the food. This concept quickly took off, and by 1972, there were six Benihana locations within the United States. Fred Olivieri Construction Company started our relationship with Benihana in 2006, building multiple locations and eventually their RA Sushi concepts. The RA Sushi Bar Restaurant concept is based on inventive sushi, Japanese cuisine, and innovative cocktails served in a high-energy environment. There are 79 Benihana restaurants world-wide and 19 RA Sushi restaurants within the United States.

Best Restaurant General Contractors Outside - Chandler, Arizona by Fred Olivieri


Chandler, AZ

Best Restaurant General Contractors Building Side - Mesa, Arizona by Fred Olivieri


Mesa, AZ

Best Restaurant General Contractors Dining Room - Texas by Fred Olivieri


Plano, TX