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I. The Pre-Construction Phase

Cost Estimating & Value Analysis
  • Initial estimates are generated in-house utilizing take-off systems and project cost history to develop, with some input from mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) vendors as required.
  • Subsequent estimates are generated from in-house take-offs and unit rates. Fred Olivieri Construction Company (FOCC) reaches out to MEP vendors for assistance with detailed estimates and value analyses of the designed systems.
Project Scheduling
  • FOCC project managers develop construction schedules, including all preconstruction activities, procurement schedules, construction activities, owner set-up activities, project commissioning and project closeout items.
  • FOCC uses Microsoft Project Scheduling software to manage projects most efficiently and effectively.
Constructability Review

FOCC provides input to the design team throughout the preconstruction process. All members of the proposed team have the responsibility of constructability reviews. The extensive construction history and experience from that team provides valuable insight into practical and cost-effective solutions to any design challenge. They include chief estimator (34+ years), president (35+ years), vice president (15+ years) and project manager (30+ years).

Guaranteed Maximum Price

FOCC is experienced with the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and its “open book” process. We are confident our open communication and company processes will be professional and affective to aid the owner and design team throughout the construction project.