Independent Living/Assisted Living/Skilled Nursing

As the population of America rises, so does the demand for long term care facilities, making building a nursing home or assisted living facility an ongoing need for communities. As the assisted living general contractor of choice, Fred Olivieri Construction Company has experience building nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We are familiar with the codes and regulations that we must follow. Our team works with various designers and clients to construct a home-like environment that impacts the patients and residents positively. We help bring our experience to the construction project by understanding the operations of the facility we are working on. We review efficiency of design and cost-effective methods to ensure the buildings are constructed to keep in mind the current and future needs of the operations team. Building convenient spaces for support staff, using materials that promote cleanliness and sanitation, using appropriate durable finishes for each space, affective ventilation and environment control are examples of how we help build a sustainable facility for our clients. Our team is knowledgeable in the requirements for security access control and access for those with disabilities.

Fred Olivieri Construction Company has had the opportunity to provide construction services for many clients with varying types of facility needs. Being part of the assisted living general contractor industry includes specialty services such as assisted living, skilled nursing, senior living, hospice care, palliative care, inpatient rehabilitation services, and adult day services. Over many years, we have been fortunate to gain experience from building each facility and managing any challenges that come out way. Whether a client is planning new construction, addition, or renovation to an existing facility, our team is a valuable resource.

Aultman Woodlawn Canton OH Assisted Living Front Entrance

Canton, OH

Aultman Woodlawn

Assisted Living General Contractors House of Loreto by Fred Oliveri

Canton, OH

House of Loreto

Assisted Living General Contractors St. Lukes by Fred Oliveri

North Canton, OH

St. Luke's

Assisted Living General Contractors Windsor Medical Center by Fred Oliveri

North Canton, OH

Windsor Medical Center