BrightView, a new approach of an addiction treatment center, pairs a patient-focused and evidence-based approach with compassion and commitment to improve as many lives as possible. They combine medical treatment with psychological therapy and social services to give patients the comprehensive support they need to overcome addiction. They offer evidence-based, outpatient addiction treatment programs to help people rebuild their lives without completely uprooting them.

As the opioid crisis hit communities, Brightview realized they had the ability and experience to expand their services to help people overcome their addictions and take control of their lives. In 2019, Enzo Building Design, the construction program manager, engaged Fred Olivieri Construction for their assistance to help build their spaces in new areas and reach as many patients as possible. The treatment centers include approximately 5,000 square feet of doctor's offices, exam rooms, blood lab facilities, group therapy suites, and community gathering spaces. With Enzo Building & Design, we have provided construction services in 20 locations within multiple states. We hope our involvement of these treatment centers helps Brightview give patients the environment and support they need to overcome addiction and find a path for a brighter future.

BrightView Rehab Contractor Parma OH by Fred Olivieri


Parma, OH

BrightView Rehab Contractor Willoughby OH by Fred Oliveri


Willoughby, OH

BrightView Rehab Contractor Woodbridge OH by Fred Oliveri


Woodbridge, VA