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Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee picked Pegasus Farm as the 2019 project.  The farm was founded in 1985 and their mission is to create a community that holistically supports and empowers people with diverse needs through therapeutic equestrian programs, vocational services, recreational and social activities. Pegasus Farm serves over 500 individuals annually. Their program participants range in age from 3 years to 75 years. These individuals may face emotional, behavioral, cognitive, developmental or physical challenges or a combination of these conditions.

In an effort to more comprehensively serve individuals with special needs, Pegasus Farm began providing adult day habilitation services to adults who have developmental disabilities. In 2017, Pegasus Farm received funding to purchase and remodel a 20 acre horse farm in Louisville, Ohio. This has become home to the Military Family Center (MFC) which serves veterans, first responders, and their families looking to overcome conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, depression, and social isolation. 

In early March, a few Community Outreach Committee members  toured Pegasus Farm. After collecting items from the Wish List, two members of the Committee delivered the donations to the farm.  During early June, volunteers participate in a Wellness Garden day, activities included gardening tasks, hulling mulch and dirt, planting seeds, watering, digging, green house work and carpentry.  

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