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Pro Football Hall of Fame

 Future 50 Expansion

Square Feet: 

          Addition: 38,000

          Renovation: 118,000

Completed: September 2013

Two-year, two-phase $27 million dollar

expansion and renovation project, making it

the largest expansion and renovation in the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s 50-year history.

"A Game for Life" Theater

Square Feet: 5,250

Completed: 2016

“A Game for Life,” a cutting-edge, multi-

sensory immersive theater including

holographic representations of Hall of Fame


Board Room

Square Feet: 1,300

Completed: 2016

1995 Addition

Square Feet: 82,307

Completed: 1995

Additions Include: 

          Super Bowl Exhibit

          Super Bowl Theater

          Interactive Gallery 

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