Altar'd State

Charlotte , NC

FOCC has built Flagship stores for a number of clients over the past couple of decades.  Each of the projects had its own set of unique challenges and the respective client trusted that the FOCC team would be able to leverage its skill and experience to realize a successful completion. The Altar’d State project at Southpark Mall presented some of the biggest challenges the company has tackled.  It is just shy of 16,000 square feet and is made up of an Altar’d State, Arula, Tullabe, and, AS Revival store.

The finishes in each of the 4 stores is custom to include a “river” of bamboo meandering through the ceiling of the AS Revival store.  But the biggest challenge was installing a 10’-6”’ radius skylight in the middle of the Altar’d State store.  The precast concrete roof deck needed to be cut so the skylight could project through the opening.  The main structure to support the skylight consists of two 50 foot long by 27 inch tall steel beams.  The beams had to be carefully brought into the mall so as to not crack the mall flooring due to weight of the beams.  The space below the floor is a parking structure so an engineer had to calculate the maximum load the floor could support when the forklifts were raising the beams into place.  Hours of planning and scheduling resulted in 4 beautiful stores that reflect the creative vision of the Altar’d State design team

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Altar'd State

Charlotte, NC