why fred olivieri construction company
is the best choice


Fred Olivieri Construction Company has highly trained and experienced on-site superintendents. A check with area architectural firms and owners will assure you that our company has very knowledgeable and competent supervision. Our project managers and general superintendents average more than 14 years' service with the company. They are backed by experienced technical and administrative staff who focus on scheduling labor and workflow for the most cost-effective use of time and money.

Staff and firm size:
Our primary function is to coordinate the many, varied elements that comprise a construction project. This coordination process is very complicated and time consuming. Our firm is large enough to provide the staff to effectively complete your project, yet not too large to be attentive to your needs.

Quality and service:
Our reputation for high-quality construction and outstanding service is driven by our people: highly skilled, experienced employees at every level of responsibility. And, we lead by example -- contractors working with us are required to perform at the highest level for you. Subcontractors have deep respect for our abilities to supervise and schedule projects, and appreciation of our policy of prompt payment for their services.

Our repeat-client reference list is a testimonial to the quality and service you can expect from Fred Olivieri Construction Company.

Project experience:
Fred Olivieri Construction Company has nearly 50 years' experience in managing commercial, retail, restaurant and institutional construction projects. Many of our projects are negotiated, which requires services prior to the construction phase. Clients tell us that our experience in "being on the team early" and providing input during the design stage is invaluable.


TOP: CEO Alfred A. Olivieri (seated) and President Dean L. Olivieri

MIDDLE: Fred Olivieri Construction Company headquarters